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Keene Physical Therapy in Sports Medicine (KPTSM) is an outpatient physical therapy clinic providing rehabilitation services for all your needs including musculo-skeletal injuries sustained from repetitive injuries, trauma, surgery, sports, work related activities, and degenerative processes just to name a few. Our goal is to be the premier independent referral choice for physicians to send their patients for physical therapy and to have satisfied patients who recommend us to their family and friends. The physical therapists’ effectiveness will restore patients’ health and well being.

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Consultation/evaluation is one-on-one. We take the time to discuss anatomy, injury, prognosis, and expectations. Treatment is specific to the patient’s condition with emphasis on hands-on interventions (tissue mobilizations, joint mobilizations, and manual-guided movement), skilled exercise prescription, body awareness training or neuromuscular re-educations, and educating in self-care methods.

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Sports physical therapy involves a process with the goal to facilitate healing an injured region.  Upon recovery, strengthening the area as well as the body follows.  Facilitating healing includes hands-on care, and  therapist-guided exercising to optimize mobility.  Phasing in strengthening is then key to proper sport activity while preventing re-occurrence or re-aggravation.

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“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without”—-New England Proverb Movement is integrated in human lifestyles. In the process, movement causes pain and breakdown. Our physical therapy team will help identify the aggravators to minimize, slow down, or halt impairment. Often the process involves manual intervention, skilled exercising and movement retraining. […]

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Joint replacements, ligament and tendon reconstructions, fracture fixations, etc.  Our PT team is an integral part of your return to living after orthopedic surgeries.  We will ensure communication with the surgical team and properly advance you through the phases of rehabilitation and recovery. Treatment is specific to the patient’s condition with emphasis on hands-on interventions […]

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